Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology

Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology, Bangalore

BMSIT is specialised instruction organisation situated in Yelahanka, Bangalore. BMSIT began in the year 2002 and has finished 16 effective years in the field of specialised instruction. BMSIT otherwise called BMSIT Engineering College was established and is overseen by the BMS schooling trust. BMSIT has a record of understudy execution in sports, instruction, University positions, research attempt’s and public level undertakings. BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT) positions the most elevated among designing schools in Yelahanka.

The “BMS” has not transformed into a brand by some coincidence. BMSIT, Bangalore has been the aftereffect of model vision, cautious effort and bound together obligation of all of its accomplices over many years. Today, learning at BMS associations is a dream of every one who attempts to be a pioneer in Engineering, simply considering the way that these establishments have set up, perfectly utilitarian systems. The system at BMS Institute of Technology and Management (BMSIT&M) and BMS Engineering College is perfect as the whole of its subsystems has been illustrated keeping in see the vision and mission of the establishment, they gel well with one another, work simultaneously, and experience consistent overhauls. This widely inclusive approach to manage preparing is the special component that recognises BMSIT&M from others.

The vision and mission of BMSIT&M and BMS Engineering College are enduringly considering the ground truth of our existence. We understand that our world is getting progressively awesome as time passes. Unmistakably, this multi-layered nature is having the chance to be limitless and unmanageable even with inconceivable undertaking’s by Governments, planning endeavour’s and specialists.

BMSIT Facilities and Infrastructure

BMSIT has clearly grasped its part in adding to the world architects and pioneers who can unhesitatingly deal with complex structure issues. From now on, the foundation isn’t leaving any stone unturned in its manner towards the vision. The Management of the establishment, with a remarkable clearness in its vision, has been incredibly proactive in setting up tremendous, green and quiet grounds; building elite structure, flow homerooms and top tier labs; empowering free hand to make unprecedented human resources for teaching, exploration and expansion organizations; and supporting all local area situated and getting sorted out endeavour’s. The incredibly qualified and submitted workers have gotten abilities to execute Outcome-Based Education (OBE) which is compulsory for building activities to get approve as per Washington accord. Fortuitously, OBE is an all-inclusive norm of guidance today to make understudies to their most extreme limit.

The representatives’ energy to work personally with graduation understudies, and exhortation to impact them to quiet has no match. They like realizing more forward-thinking and more state-of-the-art exercises to make the guidance structure at BMSIT&M extensively more feasible and viable to get ready understudies to be totally industry-and society-arranged. Our foundation’s close by relationship with organizations has ensured a broad number of section level positions and circumstance to understudies. Not all that much, BMSIT&M has been met with a couple of National distinctions in 2015 alone.

The association is exceptionally hearty all around. Housing workplaces are extraordinary and known for tidiness, strong and non-ragging condition. The open entryway for sports and multi-social activities is enormous. Nonstop security, CCTV observation in motels, nonstop control supply, relentless housekeeping, a lot of cared for nursery, and association’s vehicle structure, all bear revelation to our promise to give the most ideal lifestyle to BMSITian’s. What more one can ask for? It’s a dream put for anyone to get changed into a significant planner. It very well may be or your ward’s dream also.

BMSIT Fee Structure and Courses Offered

The BMSIT expense Structure and Courses offered are according to the University guidelines with a yearly charge scope of:





Rs. 200000/-

Rs. 225000/-

Rs. 350000/


BMS Institute of Technology Placements and Ranking

The BMSIT arrangement and preparing division of BMSIT was set up in 2004. The Department of Placement and Training was set up during the year 2004. The absolute first bunch of understudies under this office was set on the grounds in 2005-06. At first, the position division teamed up with the office in BMSCE grounds. As of the date the division is completely maintained and gives total position answers for the understudies of the foundation and BMSITM has a decent arrangement record in the positioning of Engineering Colleges in Bangalore.

There has been a consistent expansion in the quantity of selecting associations since its foundation and as of now, we have around 150 associations wherein BMSIT graduated class are having an effect, both to the greatness of the organization and a functioning change in the general public.

The division works with the whole Recruitment Process by organising with different offices in the grounds. For the understudies to be set in the esteemed associations that come for enlistment, the division gives a total preparing arrangement including in-house staff and industry collaborations. The understudies are likewise inspired to pick their vocation by the accomplished graduated class at renowned posts.

BMSIT&M, a foundation with its own personal class, is a champion among the most searched for after establishments for great structure guidance in the state. It is a settled private planning school in Bangalore saw by the AICTE, Government of India and is banded together to the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi. With its state-of-the-art establishment, exceptionally qualified and presented faculty, and dynamic industry responsibility, the association has been seen as a “Rising Technical Institute in the territory of Karnataka” by the VTU.

AICTE has given a zero-need report for the establishment. Most of the workplaces are seen as exploration centres around VTU since 2005, thusly making BMSIT&M a champion among the most promising assessment houses in the country. BMS association of Technology and organisation” has been allowed ‘A’ Grade by NAAC. BMSIT Engineering College (BMSIT&M) has been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi.

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