How is the BSc course in Christ University, Bangalore?


How is the BSc course in Christ University, Bangalore?
The BSc Psychology Honours offered by CHRIST (Deemed to be University) with non core subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Bio-chemistry is designed to meet the increasing demand for Psychologists in the diverse professional fields. Drawing from the recommendations of American Psychological Association, The British Psychological Society and the University Grants Commission, this program integrates both natural science and social science disciplines, requiring students to take courses from diverse disciplines.
Admission Process
a) To fill the application you must have a copy of statement of marks of Class 10, Class 11 or 12 (whichever is available) (Mandatory).
b) Fill-in all the details in the “detailed application” page. Scan and upload recent passport size photograph (3.5 cms x 4.5 cms formal dress with white background) and click “Submit”. On clicking Submit, a viewable and editable page will appear on screen. In case you need to make any corrections; you may edit the data/details and then click “Confirm Submission”.
c) Application registration fee may be paid through Credit / Debit Card / Net banking facility (for online applicants only).
d) Choose the payment option and fill-in the required details to process the “Application processing fee”. The application will be submitted online after payment of application processing fee.
e) After the payment is successful you will receive the application number with the option to print your application form.
f) Print and sign the application form. Keep a copy of the application form for further reference and to produce at the time of selection process.
Candidates must send the filled in application with the following documents mentioned below in an A4 size envelope only. Candidates must mark the [PROGRAMME APPLIED FOR] Admissions 2018 – [APPLICATION NO] on the top left hand corner of the A4 size envelope for faster processing of application form.

Contact:- 07022323470 admission in christ university under management quota

  1. Copy of the original filled-in printed application form duly signed by the parent / guardian and the candidate (Mandatory).
  2. Copy of the application processing fee online payment acknowledgment slip (Mandatory).
  3. Copy of Statement of marks of Class 10 and Class 11 / 12 (Mandatory).
  4. Copy of Transfer Certificate from last qualified Institution (Class 12) (If available while applying).
  5. Copy of Migration Certificate from last qualified Institution (Class 12) for all candidates except for Karnataka State Board (If available while applying).
  6. Candidates falling under any of these categories (NRI / PIO / OCI / SAARC / AFRICA / ASEAN / OTHER FOREIGN NATIONALS) have to submit:
    a] Copy of Passport and Visa Details (Mandatory).
    b] Candidates applying under PIO or OCI have to produce the copy of PIO or OCI card whichever is applicable (Mandatory).
    Test Needed
    Admission Based on Cut Offs
    The Placement Office facilitates the students to explore the world of employment and new career avenues. It also helps students in career planning through counseling where in they gather information about themselves in terms of their interests, aptitudes and abilities so that they can choose their career more effectively. The objective of the Placement Office is also on the professional development of the students by training them towards employability skills such as resume building, group discussion and interview skills which in turn helps the students to move into a desired occupation and/or apply in prestigious postgraduate and professional schools.The Placement Office takes the initiative to explore new career avenues for graduates and post graduates through visits to new companies and unexplored sectors. Campus recruitments are organized every year. The selection process generally starts with a pre-placement talk in which a firm/organisation gives the students insights into the company profile, job profile, career path, CTC etc. which is followed by the actual selection process i.e., written test, group discussion, interview etc. The University has state-of-the-art facilities that make campus recruitment a pleasant experience. Student placement representatives from each class are also present to provide assistance throughout the selection process.
    I’m doing B.Sc. in Christ University and I don’t recommend it to anyone else for the following reasons:
  7. It’s an extremely strict college. More importance is given to rule following than gaining knowledge.
  8. Even for subjects like Mathematics the same questions given by the teachers in class, appear in the exam (let alone the method even the numbers don’t change!)
  9. The selection process need not be called that as they admit every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks through the gates. Hence, you end up having many not-so-bright (read dumb) classmates which gives an average student a false illusion of smartness.
  10. Even the brightest students of the previous batches on completion of the course haven’t been able to clear PG entrance exams of Institutes such as ISI, IIT, IISC etc.
  11. I haven’t heard of a single really good placement package for any of the B.Sc. students.
  12. Pursuing a Masters (which is extremely necessary) is difficult in any of the really good colleges in India and foreign institutes don’t accept 3 year degree programs. Also the fact that it’s a triple major and not an Honours program adds on to the difficulty.
  13. Also they take classes 9-4 most of the time (excluding the time you spend in college for the fests) so whichever of us want to take up extra courses outside college to enhance our resumé aren’t able to as they take up way too much of your time.

The few things I like about the college are:

  1. The fee for the B.Sc. is really cheap.
  2. The canteens are pretty good.
  3. The teachers teach (what little they teach) well.

Therefore, DON’T join Christ University. And specially not if you aren’t from Bangalore and are planning to shift here just for the college, it’s a waste of your time and resources.
Only join it if you need a namesake degree and it’s not too far from your house:
Review 2:- There are many Bsc courses available in Christ university. And considering that Bsc is kind off a bit heavier than other courses u dedcation towards is required in the first place. With an A grade , Christ university is a good institution for pursuing a Bsc course. Only triple majors like PCM,PME, BCZ,BCB, etc are available. One thing about Christ university is that the teachers are dedicated towards their subjects and at times might not agree to spoon feed you. The lab facilities are …..Oookkkhhaayyyyy …You cann manaaagggee type. And it’s one the best colleges in Bangalore to study Biotechnology…..

So if interested …You can join…….I won’t say anything about the rule
Review 3:- The teachers are honestly very average and the facilities for the course is pretty bad to be honest. If you are aiming to opt for something in either of these streams later on, I guess it’s an okay course and if you do want to get involved in any particular subject, you could consult the subject teacher. Some of the subject events though are pretty good admittedly. Also, if you think you’ll have trouble adjusting to a ton of unnecessary rules and regulations, Christ University isn’t for you.
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