JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida has implemented Outcome Based Education (OBE) in the Academy. JSSATEN is proud to mention that it has created necessary manpower and infrastructure to implement Outcome Based Education from the year 2014-15. So far the Technical Institutions have been imparting teaching through a traditional system where the learning outcomes of the students are not clearly measured. The ‘Washington Accord’ emphasise on outcome based education. There is a need to develop a standard approach to match quality assurance for Engineering Programs. The graduating Engineers of the future will need to be evaluated in their outlook and experience and be ready for global opportunities. So, there is a need and challenge for all Technical Institutions to aid and empower the future students for global environment.

The Outcome Based Education focuses on outcomes through achievement of learning objectives of their program. The OBE strongly emphasise student centric learning and adaptation of modern teaching-learning systems. JSSATEN has gone far ahead in implementing OBE where every student will distinctly write-down the learning outcomes in every hour of lecture he/she attends. The Teachers have been given specialized training to embark on OBE method of delivery and use of modern teaching-learning systems. With this OBE, it is expected that the students distinctly gain excellent knowledge in their relevant branch and contribute to the development of the organizations where they are employed.

JSSATEN is also a centre for imparting training on NBA which emphasises OBE. The OBE process at JSSATEN is expected to raise the standards of Technical Education imparted in the Academy in the coming years. JSSATEN is committed for creating knowledge, skills and problem solving abilities among students of all ranks.BE ADMISSION


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