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About Basic Science & Humanities

All that mankind has achieved today in the field of technology is built around the basic concepts and theories of Science. Basic Science is an idea that constitutes everything in our daily life. Concepts like Newtonian laws, corrosion of metals, and subjects like Mathematics with Humanitarian Principles as many concepts find their roots in basic sciences. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry will remain the three cardinal factors, basic factors in this technological era and every field of engineering deals with these basic fundamental forces.

The faculty of the department support their students in their endeavors, acts as friend, philosopher and guide them to achieve excellence.



Mathematics is the basic tool of engineering which is the QUEEN of all sciences. Department of Mathematics came into existence with the establishment of the institution KSIT in the year 1999. Mathematics is taught to engineering students for first four semesters. The basic aim of the department is in pursuit of academic excellence and better understanding of Mathematical skills from fundamental level to its applications which is essential to every engineer.

The department has six well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members with one professor and five Assistant Professors. Faculty members are also actively involved in research. The faculty members together have published more than 25 research articles in national and international journals and 51 in national and international conferences. Faculty members constantly enrich their knowledge by innovative teaching methods, research and participating actively in seminars, conferences and workshops at national and international level. The faculty of Mathematics department actively participate both in curricular and co curricular activities of the college.

Department has brought out student resources to motivate and help students in academics. The student resource material consists of thoroughly prepared Notes, Question Bank and Assignments which are distributed to them. Special classes are conducted for Diploma Students from lateral entry and slow learners. The graph of Mathematics result is always on the upper trend from 90 to 100 %.


Department of Physics came into existence with the establishment of institution KSIT in the year 1999. The basic aim of the department is in pursuit of academic excellence and better understanding, both in theoretical as well as practical aspect of the development of the concept, from fundamental level to its applications. It has well equipped laboratory to offer good practical training as per the academic requirements of VTU. The Physics department has a separate library with good collection of useful books.


The Department of Chemistry continued its contribution to teaching and research to instil in our students, a sense of independence to acquire knowledge through curriculum and at the same time acquire sufficient awareness and exposure to support the curriculum. The faculty explicitly tried hard to motivate students towards attending seminars and conferences, so as to exhibit their developed models, present their creative ideas and innovative concepts in various fields of thrust interest to society.

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