Making a college list

How to create your college list for admission

There are more number colleges in the India to choose from. When starting the college admissions process, make sure that you research colleges with course that best suit you. Your initial list can be as long as you’d like, but you should keep in mind that applying to every university on your list will not be practical (or possible). Being decisive about your academic and personal goals can help you pare down the list to a more manageable size.

In addition to Graduation interests, consider other factors: environment, geography, faculty and placements. Some universities are in outer area of the towns, while others are at the centre of major cities – and others are in rural areas. Do you prefer available Courses – or do you want to prioritize faculty? How is on-campus placement? How big is campus area? And Finally, What is the fee structure.

You should plan on applying to anywhere from seven to ten colleges. If you choose to apply to more than ten, you may be casting your net too wide. Every college application you submit will cost both time and money. If you apply to too many colleges, you may not be spending enough time on each application – resulting in errors and oversights. By applying to a limited number, you can thoroughly prepare for entrance exams.


Creating college list

Your list of colleges should be varied. The list should include two safety colleges, those where you are extremely confident about your admissibility; two to four match colleges, where you think you will most likely be accepted based on your academic profile; (Note that even if your grades and scores match or exceed the average, some universities admit such a small percentage of students that these colleges should still be designated as reach.)

Look at the list you’ve created. Are you happy with your best colleges? Will you attend these if not admitted to the other colleges on your list? Do you have a mix of college types? Do the universities on your list offer your academic areas of interest? Can you see yourself as a student at all of these colleges?

The college search process does not happen overnight – instead, creating a list takes time to start, refine and re-create. Start now so that you’ll be ready to tour colleges when they open for admission.

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