How to face the college interview

Many universities and colleges offer students the chance to interview after submitting their application. A strong interview can put more weightage on your application and gives you the chance to ease your admissions process. Few colleges includes one to one Interview after aptitude test or group discussion – you want to give the college every chance to get to know you as well as possible.

How can you ensure your interview leaves a positive impression? Here are five tips to help you prepare:

Know yourself

Know yourself: Reflect on your educational experience so far. What has been your favourite course? What accomplishments are you particularly proud of? What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them? It’s also important to explain about your future plans — why do you want to choose a particular subject in college, or why are you still not sure of the path you will take?

Know your college

Know the college: Take the time to research the college or university and figure out what appeals to you: Is it the proximity to home, or the reputation of the engineering department or Management department? Is it the opportunity to interact with faculty members, or the chance to in best College for future prospects? It’s important to be able to show how the university you’re interviewing is fits your goals. 

Create your resume

Create a résumé: In which activities did you participate in for academic years? Which awards have you won? How many projects did you work? If you create a résumé in advance, you won’t be struggling to remember what you’ve done the last few years. Keep in mind that a résumé should only be one page, so you’ll be forced to keep only Important activities that mattered most. You can bring this to the interview, but be prepared to in-depth knowledge on your activities and accomplishments in greater detail.

Bring your list of questions

Bring a list of questions: Your interviewer will likely ask if you have any questions. Think about the questions beforehand you want to ask, and don’t be afraid to pen down and bring them with you to the interview. This will ensure that you haven’t forgotten any questions, and impress the interviewer that you took the time to prepare.

Practice for College Interview

Practice: The best way for you to be comfortable talking about yourself, your interests and why you want to attend a particular college is to practice with someone. Find a friend, parent, or school counsellor who is willing to give you a mock interview. The actual interview should only take about 20 to 30 minutes, so a mock interview will not take too much time – but will be time well spent.

Admission4sure ensure you get well prepared before an interview and above points will help you to do so.

Approach your interview more like a discussion than an interrogation, listen to the interviewer and don’t be afraid to ask questions, too. Relax, take a deep breath, and remember to turn off your cell phone!

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