How tough is it to get into Christ university for BBA course

How tough is it to get into Christ university for BBA course?

Well, as per our admission research & analysis admission has become more difficult in this past two years (2019/20) in Christ University for BBA Course. The reason is because there are thousands of applicants are applying for BBA courses in Christ university because of its placement & faculty. And hardly few of them get selected for it.

As per record everything is based on interview and written test , but we believe it’s nothing like that. The written test and the interview plays a very small role in the admission. Like just 30% only .

Christ University mostly look for your academic records and the percentage the applicant achieve in previous classes 11/12 and if you have scored more than 92% in your academics , then no doubt that you’ll get an admission easily.

But if applicant has scored less , then it will becomes harder to justify the admission in the well know university.

There were more than 20,000 students who applied for management courses in session 1 ( 2018 ) and there are 2 session held every year in 4 cities ( Bangalore / Delhi / Kolkata / etc ) and seats were limited ( 550 approx. for BBA ) . So all applicant need to prepare accordingly.

But then if you’re trying to opt for some different stream like Sciences or BA then you might get it with 80% in academics.

But above all this, academic records do matter for admission in Christ university specially for BBA course.

~ Also getting an admission in the main campus is more difficult ~ No doubt .

But still applicants can try for other campus as well.

If Applicant don’t want to go with this tough process for admission in BBA, then students can contact the consultancy for direct admission like Admission4sure.

We wish you Good luck for 2021 admission in Christ university.

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