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Is Christ University, Bangalore, a good option for B.Tech?

Every college or university has few goods things & few bad things. After research on Christ university we dig out same like as other universities


First we are going to start with some good things about Christ University for B.Tech studies:



1.Green Campus and clean campus. Full green and vibes campus always stay clean.


  1. Decent & Experienced faculty for technology aspects. We can’t compare faculties between colleges. A lot them have lot of industrial exposure. But when you ask for help they are more than willing to assist and clear the doubts of students.


  1. Unlike other colleges where you have pay lot per year. Comparatively it is a lot less. If you don’t get any colleges like RV, VIT, etc. This is could be your option. Because other colleges are not worth paying that much.


  1. High level of placements. Students gets very good opportunity to at least sit for 4-5 companies. Many multi-national companies prefer Christ university for technical students


  1. Boys hostel in here is the cleanest hostel you will ever see when compared to other engineering colleges. You might have to visit and see. Though very strict rules.


  1. Good cultural events between campuses.


  1. It’s in Bangalore as climate is better than Chennai (if you are choosing between Chennai or Bangalore)




1.85% attendance mandatory. 75% in-case of medical leaves


  1. Very strict hostel rules.


  1. 20km from Bangalore. This could be the problem for a student. Though we join colleges to have a degree. We also like to have fun on weekends. You have to travel 20kms for that.


A lot of reviews I see say formals is a problem. The college wants to maintain a standard. They don’t want their students to be in torn jeans and Wrinkled T-Shirts. They ask students to come in formal shirts, tucked in smartly in your trousers and polished shoes. They maintain that class. The opportunity is increasing day by day in Christ university. If you are joining in 2021-2022 and more there will be more opportunities.

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