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Is Christ University, Bengaluru good for UG and PG programmes?

Christ University is a good university. It has strongest hold in academics; the core focus is on the academic growth. There are certain rules followed by the university which are too strict or even absurd but overall the university provides great learning experience to the students. A lot of extracurricular activities are provided and a lot of workshops are conducted.

Bangalore in itself is a very progressive and happening city. A student studying in Bangalore has a lot of opportunities in his/her hand.

Thus, the combination of Bangalore and Christ University is a good combination, which will provide a sound back to the growth of an individual.

If you are looking for a lenient college with less rules, then this is not one you’re looking for. Christ gives at-most importance to discipline and culture.

The college is very strict in terms of dress code, timings and discipline. One can easily score here (academics) and one can get any sort of support in the field of education and development (projects etc.).

If students love nature and peace, they will enjoy learning here. Christ has a 85 acre green campus in Mysore road, about 15km away from the city. It is far from city and nearer to pure air and peace.

I you want to exponentially growth, develop personal and inter personal skills, wish to become an entrepreneur or do an MBA, then this is the best university you can get. Christ provides will all the opportunities students want, only thing is student need to be very focused.

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