Direct Admission in Christ university

Direct Admission in Christ University Humanities

Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies (CAIAS)is continued running by ‘Devamatha Educational Establishment,’ outlined by the people from Devamatha Province of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), the first native strict assembling in Quite a while. Regardless of the way that Christ Academy is a minority association, it presents quality guidance without refinement of religion, station or belief system. The point of convergence of Christ Academy is to be an association of higher learning and to outfit understudies with every one of the central resources for engage change. The academic seminars on offer, informational procedures, peer learning circumstances, and grounds establishment are based on ensuring understudies the best of contemporary learning.

Humanities Christ University Facilities and Infrastructure

The middle assessments of Christ Academy fuse Faith in God, Integrity of character, Respect for every solitary, Pursuit of significance and Commitment to the country.

Christ Academy, Christ Nagar, Hullahalli, Begur – Koppa Road, Sakkalwara Post Bangalore – 560 083, Karnataka

The Christian Medical College, Vellore (CMC) is an immense multi-specialty preparing specialist’s office arranged around 140km westward of Chennai city and is associated to Tamil Nadu Dr. M G R Medical University. CMC Medical College has a mission statement of appearing to be a spectator of the recovering help of Jesus Christ through brightness in preparing, advantage, and exploration.

Humanities Christ University Fee structure

Year Karnataka TN /KE / AP / Goa Other State NRI Saarc / Africa / OCI / PIO / ASEAN Other Foreign Nationals










49500 INR

59500 INR

69500 INR

94000 INR

2100 USD

3000 USD


51800 INR

51800 INR

51800 INR

103400 INR

2100 USD

3000 USD


54000 INR

54000 INR

54000 INR

112800 INR

2100 USD

3000 USD

Long term certificate in aesthetic sciences (BA) IN ENGLISH, POLITICAL SCIENCE, HISTORY

The EPH (English, Political Science and History) program at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) fuses multi-disciplinary approaches to manage the Humanities and Social sciences. It strengthens the agreeable association among social and political accounts, hypotheses of the State and nationhood, varied discussions of culture, and the relevance of narrativizing these parts through the path toward examining and forming composing.

This blend of subjects, offered over 3 years and 6 semesters of the B.A. Course, intends to equip understudies with the ability to address essential requests concerning contemporary social and political thought, comprehend and challenge developed thoughts of the legitimate with irrefutable interventions into requests of individual and total characters, and pass on insightful readings and theoretical thoughts in a wide group of livelihoods running from inventive and explore staying in contact with association, political change, open plan intercession and activism.

It is to be seen that anyway the cost is agreed to quite a while, there may be a periodic apparent addition to meet the climb in costs.

  • The NRI cost is fitting for the primary year for contenders who have pondered distant prospectus (should be insisted by UGC/AIU) in the passing assessment of amass in India. (The above condition isn’t material to NRI and hopefuls associated under NRI Category).
  • The NRI cost is material for the full term of the program for hopefuls who;
    1. Have pursued and completed their last passing test from outside India.
    2. Are NRI and candidates who have associated under NRI characterisation.
  • To attest Indian/Karnataka grouping cost, the contenders should have inspected latest 7 years in India/Karnataka. (Not appropriate for OCI, PIO, and Foreign Nationals).
  • Affirmation enlistment charge of INR 5000/ – is non-refundable in the event of intersection out of affirmation. This cost will be isolated from intersection out charges if any important.

Quite possibly the most prepared subjects on earth, human sciences began in the midst of the most explorative season of fifth-century Greece. It was seen as the indication of a respectable guidance for each freed individual, thusly the term liberal. Notwithstanding the way that it may have changed in character, or rather expanded, in any case it engages society to test the constraints of subjects including, anyway not compelled to, composing, lingo, history, levelheadedness, number juggling, cerebrum science, and science.

Humanities Christ University Placements and Ranking

In a making country like India which is confused by such enormous quantities of getting teeth issues, yet whose educational objectives are instructed by planning and organisation, the necessity for tasteful sciences is simply opened up. Lucky for us, high level training has started considering humanities significant, giving us committed and firm tasteful sciences establishments like Christ College.

Vellore Christian Medical College was set up in1900 by an Americal minister, Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder, the Nursing School was started in 1909, LMP course in 1918 and MBBS in 1942. CMC Vellore holds a record of obliging around 25.6 lakhs outpatients and around 1.35 lakhs inpatients for every year with a push to around 3.4 lakh people. CMC Vellore courses consolidate 179 activities in subjects checking MBBS. Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, Postgraduate restorative strong points, separate learning programs despite Ph.D. programs in a couple of requests. Vellore Medical school makes around a typical of 350 dispersions and examination papers conveyed in recorded partner minded journals consistently.

Today, the Christian Medical College has around 2,700 beds across more than 5 grounds and the recuperating office considers every remedial specialty. It is in like manner outfitted with a gigantic scope of current equipment checking 3 MRI, 3 CT Scanners,2 advanced Linear Accelerators, a PET-CT inspect and the latest auto analysers in the examination places.

Vellore Medical College

In 2015, CMC Vellore was casted a ballot, “second best Medical College in India” in surveys by India Today and The Week for MBBS. The College of Nursing is a WHO cooperating place for Nursing and Midwifery Development.

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